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Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission

To engage the Clara Mohammed School learning community in a Qur’an-guided journey toward active global citizenship.

Our Vision

To establish a learning community of human beings who appreciate and feel connected to G_d’s Will through engaging His creation, and who strive to

be productive and accountable American

and global citizens.


Our Values

We believe The Qur’an, (as with all scripture), is a light by which we can see how to extract the benefits of G_d’s creation in our journey to understand ourselves, others, and ultimately how best to serve our Creator.


What Parents & Former Students Think

They make you feel like family. I love this school. Everyone in my family has gone to Clara Mohammed School.

I highly recommend this school.

Former student

2023 School Spirit Week! 
Spirit weeks don't only encourage school spirit amongst students, they also help get people to school. Getting dressed in ways outside of the normal dress code gives students a new outlook and environment. Unlike their normal dress.

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