Clara Mohammed School Core Values

  • We recognize the pioneering spirit of the many leaders who went before us.  Booker T. Washington gave us the inspiration to build our own.  Mary McLeod Bethune paved a road map for African-American independent education. The Honorable Elijah Mohammed taught us that we must “do for self” in all aspects of our life as a social group.


  • As American Muslims, we also recognize the courage and vision of the late Honorable Elijah and his late wife Clara Mohammed, our namesake.  Following her example, many mothers began to keep their children at home to learn, but, as the community grew, individual efforts transformed into a group effort.  There are now Clara Mohammed Schools all across the United States. Currently, we are accredited by WRISA, Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation.


  • We are American citizens and as such teach the importance of understanding our system of government and how to use it to everyone's benefit.  


  • This is coupled with a reverence and respect for the Creator of Everything.  We stress responsibility and accountability to self, family, community, nation, world, and the universe.


Our method of instruction is based on the belief that there are four main aspects of the human being’s makeup that need to be developed:

 ▲ Spiritual

 ▲ Intellectual


 ▲ Physical

 ▲ Social

We operate from the premise (basis) that the spiritual, intellectual and physical dimensions of the human person are to be expressed in the social or group life.  Therefore, we stress the importance of proper social interactions. These include male and female relationships, friendships, parent/child relationships, and proper regard for authority.

“The best of you is he who is most useful in the community” (Prophet Mohammed)

These components work together as a unit.  Therefore, if you neglect one area it tends to affect the others.  This world of pop culture tends to affect us by appealing to one of these areas.  Some people are interested in physical training.  Their whole life is centered on their bodies.  Some are only interested in studying. They read everything, but neglect their physical condition.  There are also those who tend to focus only on their spirituality – and the next life.  As people of faith, we believe that one should:

“Seek with every means available to you the home in the hereafter, but do not neglect your share of this (material) world.” (Qur’an)  We strive to bring a balanced focus into each student’s life. Man was created from the earth and then had something of G_d’s spirit breathed into him.

Our Philosophy of Education

We believe The Qur’an, (as with all scripture), is a light by which we can see how to extract the benefits of G_d’s creation in our journey to understand ourselves, others, and ultimately how best to serve our Creator.


  • Tauheed, oneness, or recognizing that G_d’s creation is His creation, refers to the understanding that there is one Creator, Who designed everything in the universe with order, a systematic order; that all matter is one system.


  • This idea of unity of matter, the reasoning leads us to conclude there is only one family of man.  


  • Human life may develop into different cultural expressions, but in our essential human nature, we are the same.  


  • This belief and the understanding of it are reflected in our curriculum and in our methods of teaching.


  • We may live in different environments, but no one is excused from the obligation to strive for excellence.  This goes for our teachers, families, and students.


  • We believe in One Creator, One Creation, and One Humanity.

Clara Mohammed School Mission Statement: 

To engage the Clara Mohammed School learning community in a Qur’an-guided journey toward active global citizenship.

Clara Mohammed School Vision Statement: 

To establish a learning community of human beings who appreciate and feel connected to G_d’s Will through engaging His creation and who strive to be productive and accountable American and global citizens.

Qur'an-guided refers to Clara Mohammed School’s pedagogy, or approach to teaching.  


  • The Qur'an appeals to the mind of man (the human being).  There is logic to everything created and Islam appeals to the rational mind of the human person.  It seeks, as other scriptures do, to help the human being make connections that will lead to his reaching his full potential.


  • We are speaking of the human being in this sense as a whole.  However, for the individual, it is the same.  The process for developing as a community is the same process for the development of each individual.

Qur'an-guided also refers to how the human being must establish himself as an intellect:

  • G_d is the first Teacher and the creation, itself, is the first classroom.


  • The universe is always there to involve the human intellect; so learning is continuous throughout the lifetime of the human being.


  • The Qur'an is guidance for those who believe in G_d and the Last Day (Day of Judgment).


  • It is guidance for those who reverence G_d or have Taqwa (fear of and regard for G_d) meaning they put nothing, no authority, above The Creator of the Heavens and Earth.  


  • It is clear guidance that enables us to distinguish true guidance from false guidance  


  • It is a form of logic that finds its support in the Creation, itself.


  • It is a way of perceiving the creation that demonstrates there is a connection between everything’s origin and its evolution in the world.


  • The understanding one gets from the Qur’an is that G_d established the first logic when He made the creation and the Qur’an has the keys for unlocking that logic. Therefore, all logic, all knowledge comes from G_d.  


  • Prophet Mohammed is reported to have said that, “G_d has not created anything more excellent than the human brain (intellect)”.

Clara Mohammed School, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin in its admissions policy, or in the administration of its educational policies, scholarships, athletic, or other school-administered programs.