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About Us


A Qur'an-Guided Journey

We believe The Qur’an, (as with all scripture), is a light by which we can see how to extract the benefits of G_d’s creation in our journey to understand ourselves, others, and ultimately how best to serve our Creator.

  • Tauheed, oneness, or recognizing that G_d’s creation is His creation, refers to the understanding that there is one Creator, Who designed everything in the universe with order, a systematic order; that all matter is one system.


  • This idea of unity of matter, the reasoning leads us to conclude there is only one family of man.  

  • Human life may develop into different cultural expressions, but in our essential human nature, we are the same.  

  • This belief and the understanding of it are reflected in our curriculum and in our methods of teaching.

  • We may live in different environments, but no one is excused from the obligation to strive for excellence.  This goes for our teachers, families, and students.


  • We believe in One Creator, One Creation, and One Humanity.

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