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Our Educational Philosophy

Our method of instruction is based on the belief that there are four main aspects of the human being’s makeup that need to be developed:

 ▲ Spiritual

 ▲ Intellectual

 ▲ Physical

 ▲ Social

We operate from the premise (basis) that the spiritual, intellectual and physical dimensions of the human person are to be expressed in the social or group life.  Therefore, we stress the importance of proper social interactions. These include male and female relationships, friendships, parent/child relationships, and proper regard for authority.

“The best of you is he who is most useful in the community” (Prophet Mohammed)

These components work together as a unit.  Therefore, if you neglect one area it tends to affect the others.  This world of pop culture tends to affect us by appealing to one of these areas.  Some people are interested in physical training.  Their whole life is centered on their bodies.  Some are only interested in studying. They read everything, but neglect their physical condition.  There are also those who tend to focus only on their spirituality – and the next life.  As people of faith, we believe that one should:

“Seek with every means available to you the home in the hereafter, but do not neglect your share of this (material) world.” (Qur’an)  We strive to bring a balanced focus into each student’s life. Man was created from the earth and then had something of G_d’s spirit breathed into him.

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