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Career Opportunities


  • If you believe that The Creator of the Heavens and Earth and all knowledge was created as a tool to develop the human intellect,  we have a place for you!


  • If you believe that every child is a descendant of the first family, created to be the crown of creation, we have a place for you!


  • If you understand that the human being is depicted as a plant, which needs the proper environment in order to reach his/her destiny, we have a place for you!


Clara Mohammed School, Inc. Milwaukee is looking for educators who understand that humanity must work together in order to evolve as one group.  


We seek individuals who believe there is One Creator, One Creation, One Humanity

Educators who understand that children must learn how to navigate and prosper in the awareness of who they are, instead of who society is telling them they are.


Clara Mohammed School Mission is:


To engage the Clara Mohammed School Learning community in a Qur’an guided journey toward active global citizenship.


Our Clara Mohammed School Vision is:


To establish a learning community of human beings who appreciate and feel connected to G-d’s Will through engaging His creation and who strive to be productive and Accountable American and global citizens. 


Qur’an ---- guided: This refers to Clara Mohammed School’s pedagogy, or approach to teaching.

  • The Qur’an appeals to the mind of man (the human being). 

  • In many faiths, the focus is mostly upon moral purification and spiritual devotion.

Islam asks us to work on that too, but it also stresses the enlightenment of the intellect.


We have openings from K-4 through high school! We offer:

 Small class sizes

Professional Development

Competitive Wages

Benefits Package 

Great Team and work culture


If you believe we would be a good fit for each other, please reach out to us at  We would like to hear from you!












Clara Mohammed School, Inc. is a K4-12 private Choice school with over 50 years of dedication to the Milwaukee community. 



We are also looking for volunteers/interns. This position does not require a bachelor's degree but it is recommended. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and be in a position that can possibly transfer into a compensated position during the following school year. If you are in the process of acquiring your degree, Clara Mohammed School, Inc. can also be a great place to get field experience.

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