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New Transportation Policy 22-23

Clara Mohammed School, Inc. has established a new policy for the 2022-23 school year.

Rather than providing bus services, monthly gas cards will be distributed to all families who transport their children to and from school. In an effort to accommodate parents in this difficult time, we will offer all of our families a Speedway prepaid gas card. Speedway prepaid gas cards will be issued monthly based on attendance. Clara Mohammed School, Inc. will pay $10/day per family to transport their children to and from school (remote learning excluded). 

The school began on Tuesday, 9/1/2022. In order for us to provide cards in a timely fashion, everyone’s first card will be based on 100% attendance. The first gas card will be issued on 10/3/2022. Subsequent cards will be disbursed on the first business day of the month. Deductions from absences/late fees* will be taken into account with the next month’s prepaid card. At least one child out of a household must be in attendance. If the entire household is absent, then that day/s portion will be deducted from the next monthly gas card amount. 

We have partnered with Speedway to purchase our gas cards in bulk. These prepaid cards can ONLY be used for gas. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. Any arrangement that parents/guardians make to have someone else pick up their children will be solely the responsibility of the parents/guardians. Signatures will be collected upon receipt of gas cards. The signer must be a parent/guardian listed on the student's application.

*Early drop off starts at 6:30 am (Monday - Friday) and late pick up ends at 4:30 pm (Monday - Thursday) and 2:30 pm (Fridays)


We were informed that the cards are reloadable. This means that we are able to add funds to your assigned card. There is a $4 charge to replace lost cards (we will not replace lost funds). There is also a $5 charge for late pick up.  


Parent/Guardian __________________________ Parent/Guardian _______________________ 

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